I often have items acquired through part exchanges or upgrades for sale. I offer them for sale fully tested and working. This could include harddrives, memory, dvd/cd drives. Computer component items like cpu chips, graghic cards, ethernet cards, case power supplys and usb expansion ports for instance often fall into my lap. Sometimes I may have TV equipment up for grabs. Please email me with your requirements because if not in stock I can source for you.

I do buy what you might think is crap and am always up for swapping kit.

Please read the terms & Conditions below.

24 /7


+44203 732 6398



Items for sale are sold in fully working order, tested and warranted for 3 months.

Where possible history of the item will be described, condition and whether used or new.

Most items for sale are from upgraded machines sometime from a new machine which has been upgraded immediately after purchase. In this case the item is used but as new.

Hard disk drives are data wiped but may have the original partition layout.

No HDDs contain an Operating System.



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