Vistamike's Computer and Electronic Services

Below are some of the services available


I repair and service a variety of electronic devices.

  • Video head cleaning
  • DVD & BluRay laser cleaning / replacement
  • HiFi equipment in general
  • Computers and laptops


  • PDF to Word, .JPG, plain text or HTML for website upload
  • Image conversion / repair either RAW or .jpg

HIFI / TV installations

  • HIFI / Smart TV installations / Loudspeaker Placement (floor or stand)
  • HIFI: HQ hardwiring, HDMI, Phono, speaker cabling 72 or 144 strand OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), TOSLINK interconnects

          CCTV & Home Security

Installation and service of CCTV (closed circuit television) and Home Security Devices.

  • CCTV wired or wireless with DVR
  • IP based CCTV wired or wireless
  • Door Cameras wired or wireless
  • Digital door locks  (NFC / touchpad control)


PC tower builds, gaming machines etc

Tower Case Replacement

LED tower lighting

Internal PC repair, HDD replacement, SSD Migration

Memory upgrades

Graphic card installations

USB 3.0 Port installations

Motherboard replacements, CPU upgrades, CPU Fan upgrades

PSU upgrades

Tower damping options:

  • Foam / Rubber footings,  fan damping, PSU damping

Software upgrades / installation of new software

  • Alternative options to Microsoft Office
  • Alternative options to Photoshop
  • FREE RAW camera editing software

Security package installs:

  • Free alternatives to overpriced paid for versions
  • Antimalware / antispyware software (FREE versions)
  • Cleaning option software

Virus removal:

  • Virus / Malware / Adware Removal
  • Prevention software
  • Unwanted Toolbar removal

DATA RECOVERY / Drive Wiping (Ensuring Personal and Private data is entirely erased)

  • HDD / SSD / SD  drive wiping, reformatting for further use
  • HDD
  • SSD
  • Partition recovery
  • SD cards
  • Sony cards

ADVICE on PURCHASE and setup of new Machines

Advice on new laptop buy

Initial install of OS (ALL Windows OS 7 to 10) (Setup)

Installation of required software / Freeware and OpenSource

Security applications


Repair of most towers, upgrades (CPU / RAM / HDD-SSD / PSU / FANS) Graphic / USB 3.0 card installation

I repair and upgrade most laptops

Laptops / notebooks in general are quite limited in the upgrade area especially when the CPU and the GPU is involved. They are soldered to the MB and rarely  if ever upgradable.  However there are certain upgrades worth considering if the machine is 'high end'. This usually just requires more internal disk space or a memory upgrade. In most cases this can be quite easily merely because there is easy rear access. HUMPH!

New machines make it quite difficult to access the HDD and RAM compartments requiring a disassembly of the whole machine for what is really a should be a simple job!

This means taking the whole of the rear panel off which can be quite entertaining. All models are different. Sometimes the screw lenths can be of 3 different types and it is most IMPORTANT that they are replaced exactly as extracted. One quite irritating factor to take into account is that some machines require the keyboard is taken out to facilitate the screw that locks the DVD drive for instance or the 2 that 'pulls' the top case to the base. 'irritatating' is merely a politeness here.

Also another 'irritating' factor to take into account is that in most new machines the battery is internally fitted. I have never understood that concept other than making the machine more streamlined and slimmer. I question a safety problem however.

In the good old days if you needed an upgrade on a lappy it would merely be RAM or the HDD ther were easy access via one or two panels on the rear. 2-3 screws, access, do the job....and job done!

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